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Fairmont’s Canine Ambassadors

Known for thoughtful and welcoming service, Fairmont Hotels & Resorts offers a distinctive service at select hotels with resident hotel dogs known as Canine Ambassadors. Travelers missing their own furry friend or looking for a companion while taking a walk can bring along the resident Fairmont dog for extra security and the comfort of home.  Click on one of our much loved dogs below to find out more about their stories.

  • catie

    فيرمونت كوبلي بلازا

    A Black Labrador originally trained as a guide dog with the Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind in New York, she is now endearingly called Catie Copley. Such a delight with children, she has participated in story hour at the South End branch of the Boston Public Library, spent time with guests who are ill, and even been the star of two children’s books!

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  • stanley

    فندق فيرمونت جاسبر بارك

    Stanley is a Black Labrador Retriever, born April 23, 2012. He was trained at the Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind School but decided that he wanted a career that would let him make lots of new friends! In October of 2013 Stanley decided it was time for a change and headed to beautiful Jasper National Park. Please remember that Stanley is still a puppy and has lots to learn in this great big world. Every day is a new experience for him! Stanley loves going for walks around Lac Beauvert and getting exercise.

  • smudge

    فيرمونت هوتيل ماكدونالد

    Smudge, a Golden Labrador Retriever, recently moved to Fairmont Hotel Macdonald in Edmonton. She welcomes guests in the lobby with a wag of her tail, making them feel right at home!

  • marcus

    بحيرة لويس في فيرمونت تشاتو

    Marcus is a Golden Labrador Retriever, but is known to his friends as Marc, and is the new Director of Pet Relations at The Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise in the Canadian Rockies. He loves to hike and play fetch with guests.

  • Daphnie

    فيرمونت لو شاتو فرونتيناك

    Daphnie was trained to be a guide dog by the Mira Foundation. Given her amazing kindness and incredible social skills she changed careers to become the famed Canine Ambassador at Fairmont Le Château Frontenac where she can socialize constantly. Daphnie is a St-Pierre breed (cross of Bernese Mountain Dog and Labernese), and was born in February 2013.

  • Bello

    فيرمونت لي تشاتو مونتيبيلو

    Bello is a Black Labrador born on July 6, 2014. Bello was trained by the Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind in Ottawa. Although an excellent candidate with many abilities for such a career, the city streets left him feeling a little timid. We decided to give Bello a new opportunity in a peaceful environment where his qualities could be fully applied. We welcome Bello as our new Canine Ambassador where he will have the pleasure to greet our guests and to keep them company, either in the lobby or during a walk in our trails.

  • grammy

    فيرمونت ماونت كينيا سافاري كلوب

    Tusker & Grammy
    Sisters Tusker and Grammy are a Labrador and Ridgeback mix and work at Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari Club. They can be found around the Club taking walks together, jumping into ponds and chasing birds over 100 acres of picturesque landscape.

  • edie

    فيرمونت بيتسبيرغ

    Edie, a white Boxer/Labrador Retriever mix, named after Andy Warhol’s “superstar” Edie Sedgwick, provides guests with a warm welcome in the lobby and is readily available to accompany them on walks around the hotel.

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  • Bixby and Gibbs

    فيرمونت سكوتسديل برينسيس

    Bixby & Gibbs
    Best buds Bixby and Gibbs serve as Fairmont Scottsdale Princess’ beloved Canine Ambassadors. Bixby, a 3-year-old yellow Labrador retriever, loves daily golf cart rides and cuddling up with younger guests tuckered out from traveling. Gibbs, a 5-year-old red golden retriever, loves warm hugs and enjoying the beautiful Arizona weather. Originally trained as service dogs, the duo now spends their free time writing. Their first children’s book, “The Golden Friends of Fairmont” just got “two paws up” and is due out this spring.

  • umi

    فيرمونت تريمبلانت

    Umi joins the staff at Fairmont Tremblant after the Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind decided his social skills and friendly nature were better suited for hotel life. He greets guests in the lobby, accompanies them on walks and makes them feel at home.

  • Beau

    فيرمونت هوتيل فانكوفر

    Beau, a Yellow Labrador, at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver, is a former BC Guide Dog trainee and was better suited to the social life of a hotel ambassador.

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Want to keep in touch?

As personalized relationships are at the heart of Fairmont service, guests can stay in touch with their furry friends, by sending some "ani-mail" either by snail mail to the hotel or via their email addresses above. Guests who want to stay in touch with Catie and Smudge can keep up with them on their own individual Facebook pages as well.

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