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Announcing The Savoy's Best Kept Secret Of 2013

تاريخ النشر: 20-مارس-2013

London 20 مارس, 2013

مطعم كاسبرز سي فود بار وجريل
Opening early May


The Savoy is delighted to announce one of the most exciting restaurant launches in its 124 year old illustrious history with the opening of Kaspar’s Seafood Bar and Grill on Thursday 2nd May. Located in the heart of London with panoramic views of the River Thames and London landmarks, Kaspar’s Seafood Bar and Grill will offer an informal yet luxury dining experience, presented in an elegant Twenties-style setting. The vibrant new design will evoke The Savoy's rich and glamorous past, whilst creating a sought after but relaxed dining environment, where Kaspar, The Savoy's most famous four legged feline will reside. 


Eager to adapt to the demands of the London food scene, Kaspar’s Seafood Bar and Grill will be an all-day dining, seven days a week restaurant serving a wide range of cuisine to satisfy all palates. A show stopping oyster bar will take centre stage, encouraging a dynamic and bustling atmosphere, seamlessly moving from a patisserie breakfast bar to lunch and dinner with a beautiful display of shellfish, cured and smoked fish to whet the appetite.


The naming of Kaspar’s Seafood Bar and Grill lay at the heart of this new concept. A cherished guest at The Savoy for almost a century, the new name perfectly combines the glorious heritage of The Savoy with the modern and informal new look that Kaspar’s Seafood Bar and Grill captures. As Kiaran MacDonald says:


‘Not only in its name does Kaspar’s keep alive the wonderful history that this four legged friend brought to the hotel almost 100 years ago, but as an informal, yet chic brasserie style restaurant it will also meet the demands of today's regular diners.'


Head chef, James Pare, has created a simple and approachable menu, divided into starters, selections from the cured and smoked fish bar, main courses, grill, salads and desserts. Many courses will be available as starters or mains, and children will be most welcome, choosing from a mini menu. Starters include smoked brown shrimp & eel cocktail (£14), celery and Pecorino soup (£7) and roasted ox tail consommé (£9). Signature mains will be smoked salmon sausage, apple sauerkraut and horseradish sauce (£18), Dover sole with brown butter caper sauce (£34) and lobster club sandwich with chips (£25). In addition, specials will display unusual and daily market catches from local suppliers. Classic desserts on offer will be vanilla rice pudding (£8), apple tarte tatin (£8) and Peach Melba (£8). The latter has featured on the menu since Auguste Escoffier invented it for Australian soprano Nellie Melba at The Savoy over 120 years ago. 


Canadian born Pare has worked with Fairmont Hotels and Resorts for over 13 years. He began his career as chef de partie at Fairmont Chateau Whistler, Canada, and then progressed to chef at Fairmont Olympic in Seattle, before joining The Savoy where he has been for the last three years. Drawing on his passion for fishing stemmed from his childhood in Vancouver, Kaspar’s Seafood Bar and Grill will allow James to return to his first culinary love.


The art deco inspired restaurant is designed by Robert Angell Design Studio, using a Twenties and Thirties template in keeping with The Savoy's history. The feel of a hushed hotel dining room will be replaced with a timeless, stylish and comfortable interior which will help to create a lively ambience and compliment the new informal menu. With stunning views across the River Thames, the fish bar will add an element of theatre to the room with its oyster shell bar, two Murano glass columns and bespoke pendant light feature. Brass railings, art deco mirrors and a silver leafed ceiling will add elegance and light, and the marble bar flooring will be encircled by a teal swirl carpet, the latter representing the ebb and flow of the River Thames. Robert Angell worked with David Collins as Creative Director for 15 years before branching out on his own in 2010 to specialise in luxury interior design. Impressive previous projects include Lime Wood, Pierre Koffmann at Wilton Place, The Connaught, The Berkeley and The Wolseley. 


As for Kaspar: the three foot high cat was sculpted in 1926 by British Basil Ionides to stave off bad luck, following the death of South African diamond magnate Woolf Joel in 1898. وتحكي القصة أن جويل أقام حفلة عشاء في ذا ساڤوي لأربعة عشر ضيفًا، إلا أن أحد الضيوف أبلغ عن عدم مجيئه إلى الحفلة في الدقيقة الأخيرة. واستمرت حفلة العشاء، ولكن أحد الضيوف الذي يؤمن بالخرافات أعلن أن أول شخص يغادر الطاولة سيدركه الموت. وأقدم جويل على تلك المجازفة وبعد مرور بضع أسابيع، أصيب بطلق ناري وقُتل في جوهانسبرغ. لتجنب تكرار الحادثة مرة أخرى والإضرار بسمعة الفندق، عرض فندق ذا ساڤوي على أحد العاملين الجلوس ضمن طاولة الثلاثة عشر شخصًا بعد ذلك. وأبدى الضيوف عدم استحسانهم لهذه الفكرة لعدم قدرتهم على مناقشة الأمور الخاصة أو الشعور بالارتياح، وعندئذ ولدت فكرة إنشاء مطعم كاسبار في لمحة من العبقرية.


لقد كان فندق ذا ساڤوي لمدة 90 أعوام تقريبًا سعيدًا للغاية بتنظيم حفلات الثلاثة عشر شخصًا بصحبة كاسبار، حيث ينضم إلى الحضور ويلتف حول رقبته منديلاً ويجلس على كرسي خاص به حتى "يتمتع" بكل صنف. Winston Churchill, who adored Kaspar, insisted that the cat join him with his The Other Club meetings, a political dining club Churchill founded in 1911, and to this date the hotel's most famous four-legged resident has never missed a meeting. 


Following its recent and most ambitious restoration, The Savoy continues to look forward.  Kaspar's will be a welcome addition to this iconic hotel, blending the traditional glamour of the past with a refreshing, modern dining experience.


Kaspar's, The Savoy, Strand, London WC2R OEU


معلومات إضافية:

  • Kaspar's is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner seven days week. تتوفر كذلك قائمة للأطفال ولتناول الطعام قبل المسرحية
  • Kaspar continues to join tables of thirteen and is happy to attend additional smaller or larger parties. Booking in advance is essential.
  • In 2010 The Savoy completed the most ambitious hotel restoration in British history.  Originally opened in 1889, The Savoy has played host to royalty, world leaders and legends of the stage and screen.
  • يدير فندق ذا ساڤوي مجموعة فنادق ومنتجعات فيرمونت


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