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Fairmont Scores Big in Business Week/J.D. Power Customer Service Survey

Publish Date : 11-مارس-2008
مارس 11, 2008

TORONTO, March 11, 2008 - Fairmont Hotels & Resorts scores big with guests when it comes to service excellence, according to Business Week magazine and J.D. Power & Associates. In the "Customer Service Champs" survey unveiled in the March 3rd 2008 issue, Fairmont Hotels & Resorts scored a remarkable third place overall out of the 50 best providers of customer service. The list was developed using the scores from a series of studies from J.D Power & Associates’ 2007 database for each brand, and a supplementary survey of 5,000 readers through the BusinessWeek Market Advisory Board. In addition, credit was given for scoring high within an industry. Fairmont received top marks in the luxury hotel sector and also outranked brands in other business segments, such as the auto, insurance and food service industries.

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