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Fairmont Hotels & Resorts Offers Exclusive Wine Club with Dean & Deluca

Publish Date : 26-سبتمبر-2013
Toronto سبتمبر 26, 2013

Beginning this month, Fairmont Hotels & Resorts will offer a gourmet wine club membership through the luxury hotel brand’s partnership with Dean & Deluca, bringing rare and highly rated California wines to guests who register for the new program. Known as Fairmont Vintages wine club, the program will be available exclusively to Fairmont President’s Club members, offering quarterly shipments of six wines as well as access to a private tasting session at the Dean & Deluca boutique in Napa Valley. Membership will be tiered, and will start at $400 per year.

“We know that amazing culinary experiences are very important to our guests, and not just when they are traveling,” said Jennifer Fox, President, Fairmont Hotels & Resorts. “Our new Fairmont Vintages club allows us to offer a creative experiential program, which ignites guests’ passions while giving them opportunities to sample something new.”

Fairmont Vintages represents an important initiative for Fairmont and supports the brand’s ongoing commitment to connect guests to meaningful experiences and programming. Dean & Deluca has long been renowned as an authority on wine, with their high quality selections consistently awarded recognition for excellence. Fairmont chefs will introduce customized tasting menus to go with each quarterly selection of wines, choosing dishes with flavors to compliment the notes of each selection.

Fairmont Vintages membership is available exclusively to Fairmont President’s Club members in the United States, with members also having the option of purchasing a wine club membership as a gift for others. Fairmont President's Club is the company’s guest recognition program, which provides frequent guests with special benefits and privileges designed to reflect individual travel preferences and offer an enhanced level of service. Enrollment is free and guests can join at any Fairmont location worldwide, or online at

For more information on the Fairmont Vintages Wine Club, or to sign-up for Fairmont President’s Club, please visit




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