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Fairmont Hotels & Resorts Welcome Chinese Travelers With New Service Offerings

Publish Date : 20-يونيو-2012
Toronto يونيو 20, 2012

~ Luxury Hotel Brand Rolls Out New Program with Outbound Travel from Asia on the Rise ~

With more than 77 million Chinese travelers expected to take a trip overseas in 2012*, and China fast becoming one of the world’s most influential international tourism markets, Fairmont Hotels & Resorts today announced a new Chinese Menu Program at its worldwide collection of more than 60 luxury hotels.  The new program, which will be phased in throughout 2012, will provide greater personalization and enhanced culinary choices for Chinese guests traveling abroad. 

As part of this customized travel offering, Fairmont has introduced a number of authentic Chinese dishes to its catering and restaurant menus worldwide, and will also introduce new service delivery elements to provide visiting Chinese guests with a more enjoyable and satisfying dining experience.  

“Personalization has and always will be a hallmark of the Fairmont experience, so to that end we’ve taken the proactive step of expanding our food and beverage programming with authentic touches that will help make our Chinese guests feel more comfortable and welcome,” said Jean Michel Offe, Fairmont's vice-president, food & beverage.“The new program is testament to our promise of anticipating the needs of our guests and delivering an experience that is both memorable and distinctive.” 

As part of the new program, Fairmont will offer both menu items and serving styles that reflect Chinese customs. A range of authentic dishes will be featured in catering menus for groups, and guests, including individual travelers, will be able to enjoy items such as congee, traditional rice porridge, for breakfast at Fairmont's restaurants. A variety of loose leaf teas including authentic white, black, green, oolong and flowered teas locally sourced by the Metropolitan Tea Company Ltd. will be served at meals and will also be made available through in-room dining. 

In dining outlets and at catered events where the Chinese Menu Program is requested, meals will begin with the offering of a cold towel, and end with the offering of a hot towel. Chopsticks will also be on hand for guests who prefer them. Groups will have the added option of serving meals family-style with a variety of dishes, and Fairmont hotels will be mindful to offer at least seven courses, but not exceed 12, keeping with Chinese tradition. Additionally, front line hotel staff, such as servers, will be briefed in appropriate etiquette to further make Chinese guests feel comfortable and to demonstrate respect for their cultural preferences. 

As Fairmont expands its services for the Chinese traveler around the globe, the luxury brand is also growing in China.  In addition to Fairmont Beijing, Fairmont Yangcheng Lake, and Shanghai’s iconic Fairmont Peace Hotel, Fairmont expects to open new hotels in cities such as Nanjing, Taiyuan, and Chengdu in the near future.  

The hotel company is also customizing the online experience for Chinese travelers with web content now available in Simplified Chinese at

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