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Publish Date: 07-يناير-2013

Dubai, يناير 07, 2013

Restaurants and lounges at the Fairmont The Palm

A range of contemporary dining and entertainment venues offer an array of gastronomic delights and culinary experiences at Fairmont The Palm, Dubai. 

Award winning Executive Chef John Cordeaux and his culinary brigade bring passion for excellence to each restaurant and lounge. Offering a novel dining portfolio for guests and residents on the Palm Jumeirah, and truly embracing its place on the Palm ‘neighbourhood’, seven restaurants and lounges offer a myriad of dining options from the bustle of Flow Kitchen with family style cuisine  to one of the city’s only authentic Brazilian restaurants,  incorporating the Churrasco method of grilling.  A pan Chinese restaurant provides a full spectrum of regional cuisines, and a large outdoor dining area by the beach also offers à la minute wok table side cooking for additional authenticity.  A cigar and malt lounge rounds out the evening and provides a respite within elegantly chic surroundings, highlighted by a walk-in humidor.

One of the city’s authentic Brazilian Churrascaria experience, Frevo is suited for a range of festivities and gatherings with families and friends.  This restaurant offers over 15 cuts of Brazilian meat, all carved in churrasco style, a very popular method in South Brazil where slices of meat on skewers are served straight at the table.  Boasting a large selection of vibrant and colourful salads with a Salad-ista preparing customized dishes for guests as well as flambé fruit desserts, Frevo also holds the largest collection of cachaça (distilled beverage made of sugar cane) and South American cocktails, including the world renowned Caipirinha. Live music each night will reflect the vibrant tempo of a Brazilian carnival.

Open Saturday to Wednesday 7pm – 11:30pm; Thursday and Fridays 7pm – 12:30am

مطعم واستراحة Bā
A Chinese restaurant taking its name from the Chinese number 8, considered to be very lucky in East Asian lore and mythology, Bā celebrates the full spectrum of regional cuisines. From the bold flavours and pungency of Szechuan, the staggering use of seafood in Shandong, the seasonal ingredients of Jiangsu cuisine, to the well balanced Cantonese dishes of Hong Kong and Guangdong, the restaurant also showcases international Asian favourites such as Nasi Goreng, black pepper beef, black bean noodles and an assortment of dim sum. A spacious interior and large outdoor dining area by the beach offers à la minute table-side wok cooking as well as sliced Peking duck rolled in wafer thin pancakes.  This two storey restaurant is highlighted by a bar and lounge area serving a Chinese inspired tapas menu, paired with creative cocktails from savvy mixologists. 

Open Saturday to Wednesday 7pm – 11:30pm; Thursday and Fridays 7pm - 12am

المطبخ المتدفق
Flow Kitchen is an international restaurant serving family style cuisine from the Middle East, India, the Mediterranean and Asia.  Whether grabbing a quick snack or indulging in a decadent multi course meal, guests will revel in a wide selection of à la carte options.  Children will find delight in an interactive juice bar that converts into a sundae making dessert station during the afternoons, serving everything from coke-floats to ice cream ‘banana splits’. A private dining area seats upwards of 30 guests and offers an outdoor terrace to take in the sea views.  ‘The Chef’s Palette’ is the quintessential cook’s studio ideally suited for hosting small business networking events, culinary demonstrations and seminars, cake decorating and beverage tastings and flights. 

Open daily from 6:30am to 11pm

مطعم وصالة الجلوس 25 سيجريل
Embracing a prime position overlooking the Arabian Gulf, the Seagrill on 25° Restaurant & Lounge plays tribute to the three S’s – sea views, solitude and shisha.  Offering a Levantine twist to fresh grilled seafood, this restaurant will also captivate guests with a triple decker fresh seafood platter, and playful interpretations of classic dishes such as Canadian lobster poutine.  A shisha menu composed of bespoke flavours and blends, as well as a wide selection of Mediterranean white and rose vintages, sets the scene for the perfect sundowner experience.

Open Saturday to Wednesday 12pm - 12am;  Thursday and Fridays 12pm - 1am

غرفة السيجار
Elegantly chic surroundings highlighted by sumptuous leather furnishings, rich wood lined flooring, a flame lit back wall and walk-in humidor, The Cigar Room specializes in malt whiskies and boasts a large collection of bourbons in the city.  Exclusive evenings devoted to the pairings of cigars, malts, wines and chocolates, rounds out this refined connoisseur experience, hosted by the resident award winning Habanos cigar sommelier.

Open Sunday to Thursday 5pm - 1am; Friday and Saturday 3pm to 1am

صالة الجلوس بها مشربية
Experience the true spirit of generosity in the vibrant heart of Palm Jumeirah beginning with the Mashrabiya Lounge.  Set against the picturesque backdrop of contemporary Arabesque design, and overlooking the Arabian Gulf, this café style lounge features an extensive outdoor area with a full range of delectable tea offerings from around the world. A true Afternoon Tea experience also showcases the best from the United Kingdom, including fresh seasonal stone fruit, blueberry scones and Devonshire cream, Eccles cakes, Bara Brith (speckled bread), Battenberg (sponge) cake, and Scottish shortbread all served with renowned Fairmont hospitality.

Open daily 24 hours

A variety of freshly baked breads, morning pastries, cakes and tarts are the order of the day at this take away venue, available for guests and residents of the Palm Jumeirah and neighbouring communities. Discover the best baked goods, hand crafted chocolates, and savoury items such as sauces made from scratch, as found in the many restaurants of the resort, wrapped up in eco friendly packaging to enjoy at home or to give as a gift.

Open daily from 7:00am to 7:00pm


معلومات عن فنادق ومنتجعات فيرمونت
إن فنادق ومنتجعات فيرمونت، والتي ستصل إلى وجهات متنوعة مثل جايبوروكييف ومانيلا في 2012، هي مجموعة رائعة من 60 ممتلكات فخمة حول العالم، وتشمل فندق فيرمونت بيس في شنغهاي والبلازا في نيويورك وبرج ساعة مكة الملكي في المملكة العربية السعودية. توفر الفنادق المميزة لماركتنا الفخمة إحساساً بالإرث والرقي والخدمة المتفانية والدافئة والتجارية الغنية ثقافياً. ماركة فيرمونت هي قيادية وريادية اجتماعياً وبيئياً، وهي مشهورة دولياً بممارساتها السياحية المسؤولة وبرنامج الشراكة البيئية غرين الحائز على جوائز. فيرمونت هي مملوكة لشركة FRHI القابضة المحدودة، وهي شركة فنادق عالمية قيادية تمتلك أكثر من 100 فندق تحت أسماء فيرمونت ورافيلز وسويسوتيل. كما تدير الشركة نادي المساكن الفخم بماركات فيرمونت ورافيلز وسويسوتيل والمساكن المملوكة بالكامل والمساكن المخدومة.  لمزيد من المعلومات أو الحجوزات، الرجاء الاتصال على 1-800-441-1414 أو زيارة fairmont.com.
كن أحد المعجبين بفيرمونت. انضم إلى مجتمعاتنا عبر الإنترنت على everyonesanoriginal.com, facebook.com/fairmonthotels، و twitter.com/fairmonthotels. لمعرفة فرص العمل، قم بزيارة facebook.com/fairmontcareers.
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